madcap creative offers aerial photography, videography, and inspections to suit the needs of a wide array of audiences.

Notice & get noticed.

Want to make your marketing collateral stand apart from your competitors? An aerial view provides a unique perspective that will catch the eye of your customers.

Why aerial?

Our drone footage can be leveraged to conduct aerial inspections of crops, buildings, real estate, construction sites, and much more. 4K video and 20 megapixel photos will provide stunning, high-quality views of your properties and products. The madcap team will provide your organization with crystal clear images of anything you need – all from a unique birds eye view.

Safe & secure

madcap comes to every flight mission prepared with weather data, airspace usage guidelines, and failsafes on our systems. Rest assured, we will not take on missions that compromise safety. Flight data is secured using AES-256 Encryption, teathering our aerial systems and controllers together.

Aerial Certifications & Licensing

madcap creative is fully licensed through both the Federal Aviation Administration and Minnesota Department of Transportation

The FAA's Part 107 certificate allows madcap to conduct flights specifically for commercial purposes. The process of becoming licensed involves a full-length course as well as an assessment taken every 2 years.

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