Event Aerials

Show off your event with a bird's eye view.

A New Perspective

Shooting on the ground is great, but what about from straight up in the air? Aerial Event Footage can be used to give an inside look into a world most people have never seen before. Years ago, this technique was reserved for Hollywood film crews with thousands of dollars and time on their hands. Fortunately, it is now available to all event organizers at a reasonable pricepoint!

Event Safety

Keep your event safe by leveraging live aerial imagery. Whether it's an outdoor festival, marathon, or even boat race, viewing the event from above can help you keep your event safe. With madcap's technological expertise, live video can be shared with first responders so they know what's going on where when they need it most. Event producers are able to see the flow of the event in real-time and make adaptions on the spot for the best participant experience.

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