Video and Live Events

madcap creative can most often be found throughout the community livestreaming community events and education conferences, producing promotional videos, creating virtual experiences, and sharing knowledge through educational content.

Captivating Outcomes

madcap creative specializes in producing a wide variety of video production and live event services. We have perfected our methodology through working with companies large and small, non-profit community organizations, and individuals.

Livestreaming Conferences & Events

madcap does live events right. From from streaming a street concert to providing audio-visual services for a conference, we can help with it all. We are able to immediately edit and upload clips from livestreamed footage to share with attendees for post-event reinforcement materials, create a promotional video, or anything you need.

Virtual Events

Whether it be due to a pandemic or simple travel pains, madcap can reinforce hybrid events or create standalone online experiences through virtual event services. Give a more professional look to otherwise uncaptivating Zoom meetings or bring a virtual caller into your live keynote, madcap does it all.

Marketing & Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a vital aspect to any successful marketing campaign. A well put together video business card can be the difference between your next customer calling you or the competition down the street. Thanks to the power of web and video technologies, customers expect an inside look into any organization they are thinking of doing business with.

Education & Training Videos

Educational content doesn’t have to be mind-numbing. With madcap’s expertise, you can bring in attention grabbing elements into any content. Whether it be reinforcing graphics and animated charts, or a second camera angle showing your process, madcap has you covered.

Social Videos

As marketing professionals, madcap understands that social content and engagement is key to reaching your customers, clients, or donors. By injecting fun, attention grabbing video into your social media content schedule, you can increase engagement and recognition amongst your base.

Testimonial Videos

Whether you are trying to gain new customers or expand knowledge of your non-profit, there is one simple fact that you need to know: prospective customers like to see a history of previous work. Give your previous work a voice using testimonial videos to conduct a virtual case study of your most successful projects and clients to share with the world.

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