Educational & Training Videos

Educational content doesn’t have to be mind-numbing. With madcap’s expertise, you can bring in attention grabbing elements into any content.

Internal Trainings

Struggling to keep your team's attention? Short, clever, fast-paced videos are an excellent way to communicate a company message and entertain your employees. And they can be even more effective than written messages or lengthy meetings. Why? Because we live in the age of technology and we simply prefer video over other mediums. It makes sense then that companies like Facebook and Twitter use video as their main form of communication because it has such high impact with their internal teams.


Share your passions with others in the form of online tutorial videos and courses. madcap creative is positioned to bring your vision to life and able to support you from beginning to end.

Save Time & Money

Online curated video content will save your company time and money by taking the place of sending trainers to multiple locations. One of the major costs associated with providing training is travel. If you have a geographically dispersed company or workforce, or even just team members who work out of multiple offices around the country, online video training may be your best option.

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