Social Video

By injecting fun, attention grabbing video into your social media content schedule, you can increase engagement and recognition amongst your base.

Video Creation

Reach your audience by creating regular video content for social media. The most successful social media campaigns are the ones that enable real interactions between your brand and your audience. As a marketer, you can use video to reach your audience with creative storytelling that brings across the human aspects of your brand.

Content Ideation

Social media videos can take many forms. Connect with your audience with weekly update videos, use a first-person view to give customers an inside look at your organization, or create a behind-the-scenes video to give consumers an intimate connection with your brand.

Reshape Existing Content

It's no secret that social media has drastically changed the landscape of media consumption, and video is no different. madcap creative specializes in condensing existing media for social channels by shortening content, adding captions, and creating attention-grabbing animations.

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